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The Gravity of Honey

 “With brilliant performances, the duet captures the stage, alternately with laughter, contention, doubt and faith – existential conversations we recognize from out own inner dialogue.  They do it exceedingly well, each with a little song or dance, each with very demanding dialogue, Lehfeldt, with amazing physical changes to her character.”

Daily Tribune, Vivian De Gain

Wilde Award for Best Actress - The Tale of the Allergist's Wife

The Gravity of Honey

“Both actors in this two-character play provide moving performances.  In sound, appearance, and Attitude, Lynnae Lehfeldt gives a Bette Midler-esque feel to Honey.  She has the range to uncover the often contradictory sides of Honey.  Cocky yet vulnerable, assured while frightened, Honey is one of those roles that lets a good actress shine.  Lehfeldt is brilliant.”

Detroit Monitor, Daniel Skora

I’m Not Rappaport

 “Lynnae Lehfeldt’s tour-de-force turn as Nat’s loving yet long-suffering daughter, Clara, is simply terrific.”

Jewish News, Susan Zweig

Shear Madness

 “There aint’ no hooker anywhere that could teach Lehfeldt a thing or two about brassiness.  The Buxom, leg swinging, gum chewing, high-heel wearing beautician/manicurist really turns the brassiness on when audience members insist she did kiss Eddie Lawrence (Dana Gamarra) after she denies it.  Her looks to kill are an extravaganza of meanness.”

Detroit Monitor, James McGinty

Killing Time

 “Lynnae Lehfeldt was outstanding as the strong-willed daughter who did not want her mother to end her life.”

Michigan Press, Richard Marsh

Key For Two

 “Lynnae Lehfeldt plays Anne, Harriet’s friend (one might even say colleague) come to play an unexpected, not entirely welcome visit.  Lehfeldt is a genuine beauty, which might not be regarded as much of a compliment if it were not that her accomplishment as an actor equal her natural endowments.”

Garrison Observer, Harvey Hess

Tale of the Allergist’s Wife

 “I caught the show during its final preview before Saturday’s opening night, so the leads were still stumbling on some of their cues.  The exception was Lehfeldt, whose Lee proved to be a pitch-perfect blend of name-dropping pretentiousness and sexy sophistication.  Lehfeldt made Lee easy to love and hate at the same time.”

Detroit Free Oress, John Monaghan

On Golden Pond

 “Lynnae Lehfeldt brings the right combination of vulnerability and backbone to Chelsea, the capable, middle-aged woman who feels like an insecure little girl at her childhood home.”

Detroit Free Press, Martin F. Kohn

The Last Yankee

 “Lynnae Lehfeldt, in one of her most memorable performances, shows us every angle of Patricia Hamilton, a woman struggling to find her way back to her family and out of the haze of psychiatric drugs.”

Oakland Press, Judith Cookis Ruben


         Cheryl -                           Birthday Party (LORT)

                                                   Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2023


         Mrs. Peacock                Clue (LORT)

                                                  Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2021

         Madame Arcati            Blithe Spirit (LORT)

                                                  Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2020

         Helen Hubbard            Murder on the Orient Express (LORT)

                                                  Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2019

         Mrs. Shubert -              Shear Madness (LORT)

                                                 Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2017


         Lee -                              The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife (SPT)

                                                Jewish Ensemble Theatre, MI 2010

         Chelsea -                      On Golden Pond (LORT)                                                                                                       Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2007           


         Patricia -                      The Price (SPT)

                                                Jewish Ensemble Theatre, MI 2006

         Patricia -                      The Last Yankee (SPT)

                                                Jewish Ensemble Theatre, MI 2005


         Mrs. Cratchit -           Christmas Carol (LORT)

                                               Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2002, 2003, 2004


         Nurse -                         Romeo and Juliet (LORT)

                                                Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2003, 2004


         Curly’s Wife -              Of Mice and Men (LORT)

                                                Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2004


         Clara -                           I’m Not Rappaport (SPT)

                                                Jewish Ensemble Theatre, MI 2004


         Jane -                            Flags (Guest Artist)

                                                Chicago Dramatists, IL 2004


         Honey -                        The Gravity of Honey (LORT)

                                                Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2003


         Barbara -                      Shear Madness (one-year run)

                                                Gem Theatre, MI 2003

         Fifteen Minutes -       Talking With… (LORT)

                                                Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2003


         Amy -                            Killing Time (World Premiere-LORT)                                                                               Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2001


         Kay -                             Murder on the Nile (LORT)

                                                Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2001


         Barbara -                      Shear Madness (one-year run, CAT)

                                                Gem Theatre, MI 1995

         Peggy -                         The Front Page (Equity Waiver)

                                                Hilberry Theatre, MI 1995


         Vivian -                         Mrs. Warren’s Profession (Equity Waiver)           

                                                Hilberry Theatre, MI 1995


        Antigone -                    The Thebans (Equity Waiver)           

                                               Hilberry Theatre, MI 1995         


         Witch 1 -                     Macbeth (Equity Waiver)           

                                              Hilberry Theatre, MI 1994


         Susan -                       The Heidi Chronicles (Equity Waiver)

                                              Hilberry Theatre, MI 1994


         Elise -                          The Miser (Equity Waiver)           

                                              Hilberry Theatre, MI 1994


         Ouisa -                        Six Degrees of Separation (Equity Waiver)           

                                              Hilberry Theatre, MI 1994


         Cleo -                           Black Comedy (Equity Waiver)           

                                              Hilberry Theatre, MI 1994


        Salka -                          Tales of Hollywood (Equity Waiver)

                                               Hilberry Theatre, MI 1994


         Beatrice -                   Much Ado About Nothing (Equity Waiver)           

                                              Hilberry Theatre, MI 1993


         Charlotte -                 The Real Thing (Equity Waiver)

                                              Hilberry Theatre, MI 1993


          Sue -                            Banana Ridge (Equity Waiver)

                                               Hilberry Theatre, MI 1993

         Chris -                         Rumors (Equity Waiver)          

                                               Hilberry Theatre, MI 1992


         Candy -                       One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (SPT)                                                                             The Old Creamery, IA 1991           


         Barbara -                    Run for Your Wife (one-year run SPT)

                                               The Old Creamery, IA 1990


         Clara -                         The Boys Next Door (SPT)                                               

                                               The Old Creamery, IA 1990


         Peggy -                       Come Blow Your Horn (SPT)                                                                                                The Old Creamery, IA 1990


         Ensemble -                 Life on the Mississippi (non-union)           

                                               Martin City Melodrama, MO 1990


         Barbara -                    Shear Madness (6-month run SPT)

                                               American Heartland, MO 1990


         Angelique -               Hotel Paradiso (SPT)

                                              The Old Creamery, IA 1989           


         Anne -                        Key for Two (SPT)

                                              The Old Creamery, IA 1989           


         Lori -                           I’m Not Rappaport (SPT)

                                              The Old Creamery, IA 1989           

         Elvira -                       Blithe Spirit (non-union)

                                              Liberty Hall, KS 1989

         Kate -                          Uncommon Women and Others (non-union)           

                                               New Directions Theatre, MO 1989


         Woman 1 -                 Filthy Talk (World Premiere, non-union)

                                              Jazz Haus, KS 1988


         Julie -                          Miss Julie (non-union)

                                               Liberty Hall, KS 1987


         Lily -                            Annie (summer stock)

                                               Theatreworks, MO 1986


         Ensemble -                 Cole (summer stock)

                                               Theatreworks, MO 1986


         Ensemble -                  H. M. S. Pinafore (non-union)

                                               Theatreworks, MO 1986


         Ensemble -                 Hello, Dolly! (6-month run, non-union)                                                                             Theatreworks, MO 1985


         Doro -                          Hans Christian Andersen (summer stock)          

                                                Vassar Playhouse, KS 1986


         Carnelle -                    The Miss Firecracker Contest  (summer stock)         

                                               Vassar Playhouse, KS 1986


         Ensemble -                  Hello, Dolly!  (summer stock)                                                                                              Vassar Playhouse, KS 1985


         Ensemble -                   Funny Girl (summer stock)          

                                                 Vassar Playhouse, KS 1985


         Lily -                              Annie (summer stock)

                                                Vassar Playhouse, KS 1985


         Ensemble -                   Cole (summer stock)

                                                 Vassar Playhouse, KS 1985

Murder on the Orient Express

 "...brassy American broad Helen Hubbard, played with scene-stealing charm by Lynnae Lehfeldt."

Rochester News, Suzanne Angeo

Murder on the Orient Express

"Lynnae Lehfeldt plays the frisky loud American as if she is channeling Bette Midler in both song and spirit. The character of Helen Hubbard is big. Lehfeldt embodies it and lets us have it with snarky one liners, like when Hubbard talks about her husbands–past and present. Of the one who died young she scoffed in her midwestern accent, “he had no talent for longevity.” 

Encore Michigan, Angela Colombo

Murder on the Orient Express

"...there is humor in this adaptation and quite a bit of it comes courtesy of Lynnae Lehfeldt as the man-hungry American Helen Hubbard and Ruth Crawford as Russian Princess Dragomiroff. The witty barbs exchanged by their characters felt like I was watching Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek and the Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey going at it. The breadth of combined stage experience Lehfeldt and Crawford bring to these roles is evident and they are absolutely amazing to watch."

Rochester Media, Sarah Hovis

Tale of the Allergist’s Wife

 “Lynnae Lehfeldt is irresistible as the demon visitor, beautiful, free-spirited, apparently pals with celebrities across the board from entertainment to politics.  One by one, she seduces the members of Marjorie’s household, even as she’s spinning her web around them.”

The Detroit News, Lawrence B. Johnson

 ‘Blithe Spirit’ thrills at The Meadow Brook

"Lynnae Lehfeldt is delightful as the over-the-top, down-to-earth medium, Madame Arcati."

Encore Michigan, Patrice Nolan

Blithe Spirit

"And it was great to see Lehfeldt really possess the role of Madame Arcati. She is absurd and charming at the same time."

Rochester Media, Sarah Hovis

_LFP9396 copy.jpg


Sure-Fire Fun and Laughs Take the Stage

"Comic performances are top-notch by all,...the ensemble all give delightfully notable performances: Lynnae Lehfeldt as Mrs Peacock,..."

Rochester News, Suzanne Angeo

Of Mice and Men

 “Also notable are,…Lynnae Lehfeldt who gives Curley’s Wife some much appreciated depth.”

Between the Lines, Donald V. Calamia

The Price

 Lynnae Lehfeldt’s Esther is a carefully dissected, complicated melding of wanting more for her husband – and indeed herself – and the disappointment and reward of living vicariously through another.”

Jewish News, Susan Zweig

Shear Madness

 “Lehfeldt in all those classical roles at the Hilberry Theatre sometimes hinted at a latent gift for the Bette Midler school of the epic understatement.  This boon, not to be taken lightly, is given full expression here amid the cream rinses and the hibiscus-hued lipstick.

Detroit Free Press, Lawrence Devine

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