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Personal Power - Vocal and Physical Presence

Coaching actor, Keegan Michael Key on the set of Friends from College

"Lynnae delivered one of the most impactful experiences my MA students had all year.  We are an applied theatre course, and she helped my students directly connect the ways voice work can be utilized with their clinical populations.  She taught them how they can be aware of their of their own body as it makes sound, and how to lead others to the same awareness."

Dave Mowers, Silver School of Social Welfare, New York University

St. Petersburg, Russia

One of the most extraordinary workshops was "Public Speaking Skills" by Lynnae Lehfeldt. The speaker showed how to prepare one’s voice for public speaking, shared acting techniques and even presented some yoga practices to make visitors feel comfortable on stage.

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Speaking Skills and Immediate Intimacy


"Life changer!  I took a stroll outside my comfort zone and I don't think I'm going back." Moleca Shannan, second year William Beaumont Medical student


"I loved this class.  It has a lot of practicality in life and Medical School! Gukam Sakthivul, second year William Beaumont Medical student


"This class is all about finding the presentation style that is most authentically you." Daniel Yamane, second year William Beaumont Medical student


"I learned that there is another voice inside me and I need to let it out!" Shawn Miller, second year William Beaumont Medical student

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