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Dialect Coaching              Vocal Coaching              Movement Coaching      

Murder on the Orient Express, Meadow Brook Theatre 


"...congratulate you on Murder on the Orient Express at Meadow Brook. I thought you did a fantastic job, and also realized - wow - you coached the entire cast in eight radically different dialects! I thought you did a fantastic job with the Turkish, French, Belgian, Swedish, Hungarian, Russian, Scottish, and British dialects...every character was believable and authentic - but not so much so that I lost any of their words...balance of clarity and authenticity."


Bart Williams, Associate Professor, Voice and Movement
The Holland School at Southeast Missouri State University 

The 39 Steps, Meadow Brook Theatre 
"Your professionalalism and willingness to help whenever needed soothed the actors' nerves and concerns about "getting it right" the first time.  You created a nourishing atmosphere that made it comfortable to work in... letting the actors know that it was ok to make mistakes in front of each other....I truly couldn't have done it without all of your time and talent!"
Artistic Director, Travis Walter

Mozel Tov, John Lennon, Theatre Nova


"I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful dialect work with Forrest on his John Lennon character voice. I was, frankly, amazed at how the work you did with him helped him to completely transform, not only vocally, but character-wise as well! I don't know if I told that until you worked with him, he had been struggling. But the tools you gave him, between the archive of real-life Liverpool speakers and the analysis of the dialect; speech patterns, vocal placement, etc., boosted his confidence immeasurably. I think it was a turning point in his journey to really finding his way into the character. As you've seen, he has gotten rave reviews, with the most consistent comment being that he really "was" John Lennon. I am, as always, in awe of the work that you do."

Artistic Director, Carla Milarch

Romeo and Juliet, Jewish Ensemble Theatre

"...transformed by its in habitants into a vibrant world -- presented most eloquently during a lovely dance (choreopgraphed by Lynnae Lehfeldt) of Capulets and disguised Monagues early in the first act." 

Oakland Press Theatre Award Best Choreography

"Lynnae Lehfeldt's choreography provided Romeo and Juliet with one of its most moving scenes."

John Sousanis, The Oakland Press

The Cripple of Inishmann, Case Western Reserve University

"Your warm, approachable demeanor and sense of humor immediately put the actors at ease and helped alleviate a lot of their anxiety about the dialect work.  Your exercises were highly pragmatic and produced immediate results. I also appreciated that you placed a strong focus on characterization in your approach to the dialect work, as I have found in the past that coming at it from a purely technical point of view can sometimes leave actors too much in their heads."
director, David Vegh

Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh, Performance Network

"...your assessment of the problem and your clear and precise solutions - breathing exercises and your work to ground the actress emotionally through her voice - made a tremendous difference,...helped the show reach a greater, more powerful emotional resonance, and it allowed the director to push to a much more satisfying production".  


Artistic  Director, David Wolber

Next Fall, Performance Network

"Your diagnosis of the actor's volume problems and suggestions for improvement were not only most welcome, they proved most effective.  Your contributions in the area made a dramatic difference in the actor's performance and noticeably lifted the quality of the entire production." 


director, Ray Schultz

Dead Man's Shoes, Williamston Theatre

"...your work with her really helped her find a distinct set of qualities for each of the women she played, and I appreciate it.  Just simple reminders of where to place each character's voice, varying the speech patterns, what part of their body each of them kept their energy in and what body part they led with - those were a big help...You helped us make a better show - thanks a ton, Lynnae!" 


Artistic Director, Tony Caselli

Equus, Wayne State University

"...who perform in in artfully abstract horse headgear, have mastered remarkably effective movement patterns.  Darren DeWitt, as the horseman who is shown in flashback giving Alan his first horseback ride, has also mastered his horsemanship.  I suppose all this is the work of Lynnae Lehfeldt, who must be a quite a teacher."


Robert Delaney, Christian Science Moniter

Stones in his Pockets, Performance Network

"The truncated rehearsal process made it extremely challenging for our 2 actors to tackle the 15 characters in a small rural Irish town!  The resources and vocal/dialect strategies you provided created a foundation from which the actors could confidently create individual and fully realized characters".  


director, Suzi Regan

Equus, Wayne State University

"Movement coach, Lynnae Lehfeldt, achieved amazingly equestrian movements with the six actors playing the horses.  From their cantering walk to the simple toss of a head, the actors carried themselves with the muscular energy of horses even when standing erect, evoking admiration from the audience."  


Sue Suchyta, Times-Herald Newspaper

Much Ado About Nothing, Water Works Shakespeare Festival

"...with the company dansing a stylish tango choreographed by Lynnae lehfeldt."

Martin F. Kohn, Detroit Free Press

Emperor of the Moon, Wayne State University

"...movement coach Lynnae Lehfeldt, and choreographer Darren DeWitt, who didn't let the actors take a step or wipe a brow that wasn't planned, exaggerated, mugged or minced.  In other words, each step was planned; each pratfall cleverly executed, and each tumble, roll and flip executed with flair and finesse.  One must assume that the multitude of movement required as much concentration to learn as the lines themselves."

Sue Suchyta, Times-Herald Newpaper

2.5 Minute Ride, Matrix Theatre

"As you know, a one-person show, especially one with heavy emotional content, can be particularly draining, and the grounding work physically and vocally you did with her was extremely valuable.  I always love the seeing what effect your work in grounding and getting actors to be strong and confident in inhabiting their bodies has on their presence and vocal and emotional clarity.  Shine on."

director, David Wolber

Mr. Joy, Theatre Nova

"The work you did with Matt was transformative.  Your work was present throughout the entire production.  David Kiley wrote in Encore Michigan; 'Mr. Webb transitions from character to character on a dime, doing a splendid job of separating them in voice, demeanor and delivery.'  Because of your artistic input, he was able to speak highly of Matthew’s articulate character transitions.”
director, Billicia Hines

James and the Giant Peach, Eastern Michigan University

“We so appreciate Lynnae’s expertise and boundless energy. The production quality was certainly enhanced by her assistance.”

director, Christine Tanner

Dialect Coaching

Dialect Coach -           The Language Archive (SPT)

                                        Theatre Nova, MI 2023


Dialect Coach -            A Christmas Carol (LORT)

                                       Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2005, 2010,

                                        2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018,2019, 2021, 2022

Dialect Consultant -   A Christmas Carol (SPT)

                                        Tipping Point Theatre, MI 2021

Dialect Consultant -   Clue (LORT)

                                        Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2021

Dialect Consultant -   Murder on the Orient Express (LORT)

                                        Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2019

Dialect Coach -            Mazel Tov, John Lennon (SPT)

                                        Theatre Nova, MI 2018

Dialect Coach -            Or, (SPT)

                                        Kickshaw Theatre, MI 2018

Dialect Coach -            Stones in his Pockets (SPT)

                                        Performance Network, MI 2015


Dialect Coach -             James and the Giant Peach

                                         Eastern Michigan University, MI 2018


Dialect Coach -             The Cripple of Inishmann

                                         Case Western Reserve University, OH 2016


Dialect Coach -            Good People (SPT)

                                        Performance Network, MI 2013


Dialect Coach -            39 Steps (LORT)

                                        Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2010


Dialect Coach -            The Comedy of Errors (Guest Artist)

                                        Michigan Shakespeare Festival, MI 2010


Dialect Coach -            Devour the Snow (LORT)

                                        Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2006

Dialect Coach -            Broadway Bound (SPT)

                                        Jewish Ensemble Theatre, MI 2004


Vocal Coaching


Vocal Coach -            The Tempest (Guest Artist)

                                      Water Works Shakespeare Festival, MI 2019

Vocal Coach -            Mourning After Grace (SPT)

                                      Purple Rose Theatre, MI 2016


Vocal Coach -            2.5 Ride (SPT)

                                       Matrix Theatre, MI 2016


Vocal Coach -            Mr. Joy (SPT)

                                      Theatre Nova, MI 2016

Vocal Coach -            All’s Well That Ends Well (Guest Artist)

                                      Water Works Shakespeare Festival, MI 2015


Vocal Coach -            As You Like It (Guest Artist)

                                     Water Works Shakespeare Festival, MI 2015

Vocal Coach -            Hamlet (Guest Artist)

                                      Water Works Shakespeare Festival, MI 2014


Vocal Coach -            The Mountaintop (SPT)

                                      Performance Network, MI 2013


Vocal Coach -            Blanche and Beyond (SPT)

                                      Performance Network, MI 2012


Vocal Coach -            Burn This (SPT)

                                      Performance Network, MI 2012


Vocal Coach -            Dead Man’s Shoes (SPT)

                                     Williamston Theatre, MI 2012


Vocal Coach -            Henry V (Guest Artist)

                                     Water Works Shakespeare Festival, MI 2012

Vocal Coach -            Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh (SPT)

                                      Performance Network, MI 2011


Vocal Coach -              Next Fall (SPT)

                                       Performance Network, MI 2011


Vocal Coach -            The Clean House (non-union)

                                      English Theatre Torino, Italy 2009


Vocal Coach -            The Comedy of Errors (Guest Artist)

                                      Water Works Shakespeare Festival, MI 2006


Vocal Coach -            As You Like It (Guest Artist)

                                     Water Works Shakespeare Festival, MI 2005


Vocal Coach -            Twelfth Night (Guest Artist)

                                      Water Works Shakespeare Festival, MI 2004


Vocal Coach -            Romeo and Juliet (LORT)       

                                      Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2004


Vocal Coach -            Much Ado About Nothing (Guest Artist)

                                     Water Works Shakespeare Festival, MI 2003














                                     Equus, Oakland University


Movement Coaching

Movement Coach -     The Tempest (Guest Artist)

                                        Water Works Shakespeare Festival, MI 2019

Movement Coach -     Dirty Little Story (SPT)

                                        Jewish Ensemble Theatre, MI 2004


Movement Coach/      Romeo and Juliet (SPT)

Choreography -            Jewish Ensemble Theatre, MI 2004           


Movement Coach -     Equus

                                        Oakland University, MI 2015


Movement Coach -     Emperor of the Moon

                                        Wayne State University, MI 1996

Movement Coach -     Equus 

                                        Wayne State University, MI 1996



Choreography -            Broadway Bound (SPT)

                                         Jewish Ensemble Theatre, MI 2006


Choreography -            The Fantasticks (LORT)

                                         Meadow Brook Theatre, MI 2004           


Choreography -            Much Ado About Nothing (Guest Artist)

                                         Water Works Shakespeare Festival, MI 2003


Choreography -            Hello, Dolly! (non-union)

                                        Theatreworks, KS 1985


Choreography -            Annie (non-union)

                                         Theatreworks, KS 1985


Choreography -            Cole (non-union)

                                         Theatreworks, KS 1985           

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